Bracket Challenge Results + New Shop!


We have a winner of the 2016 Cow by Bear NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge, and she did it in impressive fashion! Anna Kimber (sports11133) takes home the top prize of 2 tickets to an upcoming Cow by Bear dinner with her 99.8%(!) percentile performance. Congrats Anna!

Two other participants picked the correct champion in Villanova and were SO close to finishing on top. I’m in the giving mood, so will be sending out a little Cow by Bear swag to the second and third place finishers. ‘Radbrad1982’ (2ndplace at 99.5%) will take home two “I Love You” plates we use at our Cow by Bear dinners, and ‘espn81962936’ (3rd place at 98.2%) will get a Cow by Bear t-shirt . (please message me at with your shipping details).

Are you interested in purchasing some of the Cow by Bear goods for your own lair? I’ve put together a selection of items that are part of our dinners over at our new shop, . Check it out and use code BEARDOWN for 10% off your first purchase. If you’ve been to one of our dinners, you know what kind of goods I’m talking about. And if not, well, what are you waiting for?!

Thanks to everybody that participated in the bracket challenge. Even though my bracket was busted in the first weekend I had a lot of fun. And thanks to you all for your continued support of San Diego’s best dinner party experience experiment!