Please Help Us Find Chef Bear
The Cow by Bear staff, in association with Five Kingdom Alliance, is asking for your help finding Chef Bear, missing since a private dinner party Sunday night. Towards the end of dinner, Bear answered a knock at the door and was shocked to be face to face with Osa Bear, the love of his life who he had long thought dead. The video below in part documents his encounter with Osa and is the last time anyone has seen or heard from Bear.

According to Osa, Chef Bear is likely terrified and running for his life. “He would not have run if he thought it was me at the door. I believe he thinks this was a setup by QARTEL, using my likeness to attract him. The last time Bear and I saw each other was fifteen years ago in Mexico City. We were attacked by QARTEL in a siege in their war with the Five Kingdom Alliance. All these years I thought Bear was dead and he assumed the same of me. I barely had time to mourn losing him when I was blessed with the birth of Osito. Bear doesn’t even know he has a child. Just last week, word spread to us that a bear was cooking for guests in San Diego at a place called Cow by Bear. It was the idea we had dreamt up together. Osito and I hitchhiked all the way here. I just wanted to give Bear a hug and introduce him to his son. After what happened I should have known he wouldn’t believe it was really me.”

Osa Bear will be running events at Cow by Bear in Bear’s absence. She is a renowned chef in her own right, earning the prestigious honor of Latin America’s “Most Outstanding Bear Chef” seven consecutive years. She’ll continue to operate with Bear’s recipes, many of which she herself helped develop. Lil’ Osito Bear is considered a prodigy in the culinary landscape, son of two of the world’s most famous bear chefs. He will assume Brunch by Bear duties under his mother’s guidance. 

If you have any information on Bear’s whereabouts please contact us or Five Kingdom Alliance immediately, or hashtag #wheresbear on social media. We’ll be posting all tips and sightings to the website, so please keep an eye there for the latest updates. Thank you very much for your help in finding Chef Bear. 


The Cow by Bear Staff
cc: Five Kingdom Alliance

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